The Faux Friend

The Faux Friend

From the ambiguous to the truly bad, friends come in many shades.

Six Ways to Make a Friend

Bonding with fresh faces.

Because I Said So

Six tips for setting (and maintaining) good boundaries

The Cost of Defining Yourself as an Introvert or Extravert

Situations, not just personality, trigger how we feel, think, and act.

Are You a Friend in Need?

Why friendships hinge on dependability.

Your Child is Not Your BFF

Understanding how to be friendly without having to be a friend as a parent.

How to Spot and Stop Manipulators

8 tips for keeping them at a distance, or breaking free.

Making a New Friend

The many flavors of friends and how to find one that’s right for you.

Cultivating Gratitude

A secret doorway to richer connections

Is Their Generosity A Sign Of Love or Indifference?

It can be hard to tell tolerance and indifference apart.

Financial Elder Abuse by Banks, Casinos and Lawyers

The politics of elder abuse is dirty business.

Have You Ever Experienced Terrorist Love?

What do you you when your Bad Boy Love becomes arresting?

Breaking Up with Friends: Can You Empathize?

Breaking up with a close friend can be as painful as divorcing

"Just Listen To Me!"... Is This a Mistaken Request?

When you're stressed and need to talk, what do you want from your best friend?

Your Inner Lie Detector

A fascinating new branch of forensic science spots unconscious "tells."

Mean Girls and Bad Friends

What drives them and what you can do about them.


The on-again-off-again friend—how to help your child cope.

Frenemies: The New Enemy

What to do about the people you love and hate simultaneously.

How to Handle a Crazymaker

4 keys to keep from losing it when they start playing games.

How Do I Handle a Pushy Friend?

When you’re dealing with a pushy friend, you need to set some boundaries.

Is Facebook Destroying Friendship?

Rampant social networking threatens the quality of today's friendships.

Can Mothers with Different Parenting Styles Remain Friends?

How to preserve mom friendships when you parent differently.

Do Your Friendships Feed You or Bleed You?

Knowing when it’s time to let a friend go

The Price Of Nice

4 reasons why you shouldn't demand that people treat you nicely.