July 12-18

July 12-18

Here’s the best of what you missed last week, including posts about kindness, consciousness, social media, and more.

Should Teammates Get Equal Pay?

Adam Grant Ph.D.
Data from baseball, basketball, hockey, and business

Shakespeare, Vermeer, and the "Secrets" of Genius

Jonathan Wai Ph.D.
Genius: infinite in faculty, or just well-practiced?

The Truth Behind Other People's Marriages

Peggy Drexler Ph.D.
To know the real truth inside a marriage is impossible.

Consciousness, Chaos, and Order

Robert Berezin M.D.
Consciousness protects us from the chaos of our random environment.

Why We're Nicer to Strangers

Alex Lickerman M.D.
Than to the people we love most.

The Dynamics of Social Networking

Joseph Nowinski Ph.D.
First-of-their-kind studies reveal why some of us network more easily.