Inside the Teenage Brain

Inside the Teenage Brain

Moody, risk-taking, depressed, rude, impulsive, distant...however we think of adolescents, neuroscience is now coming up with reasons to explain their behavior by tracing it to the brain. Read on about teenagers' transition to adulthood, experiences of bullying, marijuana use, and disorders du jour.

Naps and learning competencies

Should schools allow naps?

When Parents Blame Their Children

Does it really take a village to raise a child?

When Did You Know You Were Gay?

When did you know you were gay?

The Problem With Being Gifted

Even the gifted need these three things to succeed.

The Choking Game is Not Just a Movie

Hundreds of children have died as a result of choking themselves to get high.

A New Parental Report Card

As I conversed with many parents, one looming emotion filled their questions.

Video Gaming and Poor Sleep

My cousin plays violent video games, and has awful night terrors.

Teenage Boys

Helping an Endangered Species

Dark Adolescent Romance

For adolescents, more romance = more depression and drinking

What the Teenage Brain Can Teach Us About Ourselves

How does the state of adolescence impact parents?

An Electronic Moratorium - a Good or Bad Idea for Your Teen?

Can your teens survive without the cyber world?

Withdrawn, Irritable Teen? Is It A Migraine?

Pubertal migraines can look like nausea, irritability, or ADD

Parenting Adolescents and the Power of Prohibitions

Being told by parents what not to do can have some helpful value for adolescents

4 Things Teens Want and Need from Social Media

The super-important, life-defining Facebook Like

4 Areas of Challenge for all Teens Today

Teens are pros at masking difficulties and parents need to be aware of pitfalls.

Teens Respond to Pleasure, Not Pain: Parent Accordingly

Match your parenting to how teens' brains work.

Many Ages at Once

The science behind the asynchronous development of gifted children

Education: Our Most Overrated Product

We educate nonsensically ... and what to do instead.

Why Doesn't She/He Listen To Me? 10 Possibilities

What may block your boss--or loved ones--from hearing what you say?

How Travel Opens the Eyes, Minds, and Hearts of Youngsters

A look at the incredible benefits of travel for children.

Real World 101 for Teens

What the seven essential behaviors to prepare them to be the brightest stars?

The Dangerous Game Your Kid May Be Playing

The Choking Game: No drugs or alcohol needed, but it can be deadly.

Adolescence Disorder

Guess what? Our lives are just a series of diseases.