Top Posts: June 2014

Top Posts: June 2014

Here’s a sampling of the month's best, including bipolar emotions, learning from handshakes, the inconspicuous predator, the secrets we keep, and much more. Image: Shutterstock.

8. Can You Feel Two Emotions at Once?

Indecision, vacillation, procrastination—they’re all driven by bipolar emotions.

1. What You Can Learn From a Handshake

Was your parents' advice right?

3. Risk and the Paranormal

Skepticism about the paranormal predicts risk intelligence

4. Why We Keep Secrets From Our Partners

Who keeps the most secrets in relationships.

12. Baby Rituals

How we use ritual to draw infants into the adult social world

2. Three Key Signs of the Inconspicuous Predator

Why we don’t see those who intend to harm us or others, until it's too late.

6. When Parents Conflict Over Their Adolescent

Adolescence creates more conflict with parents, and also between parents

9. Cynical? You're Increasing Your Risk of Dementia

Your attitudes can affect your mental health, in a big way.

10. Graduating? Asking for Recommendations

Don't freeze when asking for a recommendation

11. What the Amish Can Teach Us About Technology

Where are the techno-media taking us?

7. Why Doctors Don’t Want Their Own Medicine

And what the rest of us can learn from them

13. The Happy Loner

Should we be wary of loners or people who can’t be alone?

21. The "Why" Behind Teen Suicide

Teen suicide: too many questions, but not enough answers.

14. When Mothers Don't Feel Motherly

Has the role of parent become so confining that it is making us sick?

16. Is the Fault in Our Stars? The Psychology of Belief in Fate

Why we think what we think about pivotal events

17. Stalking Is Not Strength

Even when a woman does it.

25. Motivated Ambiguity: Is This a Date?

An attempt to explain the ambiguity that has made coupling so confusing.

18. Conversational Neurochemistry

Practice "mind opening" psychology in your teams and organizations.

15. The Fundamental Attribution Error

Annoyed? Peeved? The fundamental attribution error explains it all.

19. Can You Be Bimusical?

Is there a musical phenomenon parallel to bilingualism?

22. Seven Myths About Mindfulness

Misconceptions to be aware of as mindfulness enters the mainstream culture

23. Tips for Tough Conversations

When issues need to be addressed.

20. Rage and the Problem of Male Sexual Privilege

How our oldest story was made new again in Santa Barbara