The Gratitude Advantage

The Gratitude Advantage

The health benefits of counting your blessings.

The Benefits of Generosity

Research shows that if you want to feel good, help someone else.

Does Gratitude Matter in Marriage?

Dust off your thank-yous. Make every day a day for thanks-giving.

Gratitude Sparks Oxytocin and Love: Study Points to CD38

Gratitude may be the secret to a harmonious relationship and lifelong love.

4 Ways Children Learn Gratitude

Children learn by example and gratitude is a win-win.

Do Men Become More Generous After Marrying?

Single men are more generous to their friends

What I'm REALLY Grateful for this Thanksgiving Season

From re-gifting to a noise ordinance, a lighthearted look at gratitude.

Writing a Life with MS

Soaring words help poet with MS adapt to her reality.

Crisis Goggles Make Everything Look Bad

Take off your crisis goggles and see the good around you.

A Replacement for Religion

Many people are replacing religion with secular humanism. Here is one version.

Emergency Room Serenity

We spent a long time waiting, and there was nothing much to do - but talk.

Is Gratitude the Antidote to Relationship Failure?

Stop taking your partner for granted and start being grateful. Here's why.

It's Still Life

Even in the bad times, there is joy to be found in the simple taking of a breath

Love (2.0), actually, is all around

Micro-moments of shared positive connections might just have health benefits.

The Benefits of Adding Gratitude to Your Attitude

An attitude of gratitude adds more to your life than just personal happiness

5 "Don'ts" of Practicing Gratitude

There are times when an attitude of gratitude may backfire.

Giving Thanks in Broken Times

How do we give thanks when bad things happen?

Avatar Parents and Their Kid Athletes

A syndrome we must address if young athletes are going to become healthy adults.

10 Parenting Tips for Inspiring an Attitude of Gratitude

The concept of gratitude can be abstract for many children and teens.

That Gratitude Thing Not Working Out for You?

You might be emotionally ambivalent

Overcome Stress by Saying Thanks

Build your psychological immune system through gratitude.

Harness Gratitude in 9 Steps to Feel Less Lousy

How to Practice Gratitude When You Feel Like Crap

Comrades in Cancer

A Couple's Love Story

Giving the Gift of Gratitude

Why giving thanks is good