Birth Order's Bottom Line

Birth Order's Bottom Line

Oldest, youngest, middle, only...theories abound about how a person's place within the family birth order affects intelligence, ambition, personality and future relationships.

What's Your "Real" Birth Order?

What birth order are you really?

Born In Between

A new book reveals why middles are not who you think they are.

Birth Order and Allergies: Evidence For the Hygiene Hypothes

Birth order, allergies and the hygiene hypothesis

How Firstborns and Secondborns Compare

First-born and second-born children do indeed see the world differently.

Birth Order, Risk, and Baseball

Having siblings can affect how risky you are.

Is Your Workplace Personality Out of (Birth) Order?

Did your siblings make you who you are at work?

The Psychology of Double Names

What are the repercussions of a double given name?

Are Later-Born Children More Rebellious?

Everything you thought you knew about birth order may be wrong.

Helping Your Child Accept A New Baby

How a New Baby Affects the Family

Sister and Brother

Some siblings are lucky enough to be good friends.

That Elusive Birth Order Effect and What it Means for You

Why you shouldn't let stereotypes dictate your fate.

Cell Phone Contemplation: A Snapshot of Life Before & After

Why your tween's cell phone will change life as you know it.

How Many Siblings Does It Take to Save a Marriage?

Siblings may shield couples from divorce. But how many do you need?

Mom Liked You Best

Whether true or false, it matters.

Stereotyping by Blood Type and Birth Order

Right or wrong, stereotypes linger.