Why We Collect Things

Why We Collect Things

The science of collecting, plus hoarding the clutter, mantiques, the pre-college clean-up, and more. Image: Istockphoto

Can you be a hoarder without hoarding?

Are there links between hoarding and compulsive discarding?

Hoarding and Empathy

Do you love your stuff too much?

Do More Things Bring Less Love?

Acquiring more and more things may also bring marriage problems.

Who’s Really Nuts, 20/20 or the ‘Crazy Cat Ladies’?

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Deciding What to Do with "Things" After a Loved One Dies

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Why You Can't Get Organized

When Organization is a Phobia

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Successful businessman, husband, lover of children and psychopathic killer.

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Hoard Much?

Do you have OCD or are you just sentimental?

Why You Can’t Stop

A natural urge that brings us temporary pleasure and unpredictable rewards.