The Hero in You

The Hero in You

Can you develop the traits of heroism?

The Mind of a Hero

What goes on in the mind of a hero who is rushing in to save a crash victim?

We All Need Role Models to Motivate and Inspire Us

Looking for inspiration? Turn to the people you admire most

What Is Superhero Therapy?

Dr. Janina Scarlet explains how fictional superheroes can help in real therapy.

Do Heroes Make Us Smarter?

Heroes give us direction, wisdom, and emotional intelligence.

Four Easy Tips to Bring Out Your Inner Hero Today

It's Time for Your Next Big Thing

Can We Get Super Powers?

Will we be able to harness skills like telepathy and telekinesis?

The Youngest Heroes

What compels children like Tyler Doohan to give their lives for others?

Superheroes: Here’s How To Boost Your Superpowers!

Real physical strength helps you more than fantasy strength

Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?

I've set myself up for a fall.

Bystanders and Heroes: The Dance of Defiance and Conformity

For good and bad, the presence of others shapes our personal conduct

What Makes A Hero

Why most of our heroes aren't really heroic

Leadership 101: Who Are Our Most Admired Leaders?

Who do students pick as their most admired leader?

Challenging the "Banality" of Evil and of Heroism Part 2

The "heroic imagination" is incompatible with an ideology of victimhood

Paddling Away from Regret: Pursuing a Dream Despite Fear

Pursuing a dream can be scary. But in the long run, is it riskier to turn away?

Gifted Learners - New Holistic Methodology and Tech

High Ability Learning: An Interview with Dr. Trevor Tebbs

Are Olympic Athletes Heroes?

Does going for the gold make a sports figure a hero?