The Fair Fight

The Fair Fight

Many arguments are pointless; they start out over something small then escalate beyond proportion. Here’s how to keep conflict from damaging all.

Resolving Conflicts When a Partner is Chronically Ill

Maintaining a good relationship is a challenge—chronically ill or not.

Fight Like a Professional

Conflict is inevitable, so be creative in your approach to it.

The Hidden Cost of Righteous Anger

An experiment finds no conditions whatsoever in which getting mad helps.

Five Mental Traps That Mess up Relationships

Expert advice for avoiding damaging thinking and words.

Soft Criticism

The art of gentle correction -- it's not about offering praise.

End Conflict by Using Surprise

A simple & powerful way to transform conflict into connection

How Successful Couples Resolve Conflicts

Disagreements can actually bring a couple closer together

Border Crossings in Hancock: Hollywood’s Racial Logics Redux

What the movie Hancock says about Hollywood's take on interracial couples.

Three Little Words You Long to Hear: “It’s their fault.”

Avoiding blame feels good now but cripples you later.

How you can give - and get - a meaningful apology

Expert insights on why we avoid apologies.

Diagnosing Your Spouse

How mad are we?

Beware Of Mistaken Marriage Advice That "All Couples Fight"

Is fighting normal since we all are imperfect? Or is there a better way?

Does Couples Therapy Work? Keys to Success

Only if both members of the couple really love each other and want to do better

10 Essential Skills for Couples Coping with Stress

How couples can stay close in stressful times

The Dark Knight Rises: What Motivates Bane?

How Do Needs for Achievement, Power, Affiliation Shape Batman's Back Breaker?

5 Simple Steps to End Any Fight

Arguing threatens your relationship and your health. Learn how to disarm.

Happy couples fight in different ways: Even about retirement

Big decisions bring out different styles of marital conflict

People Posting Vile, Hateful Comments: What’s That About?

People posting cruel comments can be very interesting, psychologically

Christopher Hitchens vs. Hirsi Ali: Gadflies Compared

Why are some social critics accepted, and others ostracized?