The Eye of the Beholder

The Eye of the Beholder

The science of beauty is in the way you look at everything.

Early Detection of ADHD?

Can science predict who will have ADHD?

Social Comparison: Taming the Beast

Comparing yourself to others is a brain loop you can manage

Improving Your Sex Appeal

14 science facts to help you up your sexy game—or not.

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It's narcissists who are also perfectionists.

It Wasn’t That Good for Me: Gender Differences in First Sex

New research shows gender differences in feelings about first sexual experiences

7 Keys to Establishing a Confident Impression

How to present yourself at your confident best!

Dealing with Being Ignored

Wise ways to respond to indifference.

Why Millennials Can Neither Anticipate nor Fend for Themselv

Helicopter parents prevent children from coping with setbacks and disappointment

There IS No Reality

People—public health figures, politicians, educators—can claim anything.

Dating Humanoids: What Fantasy Films Tell Us About Us

Two films make women supernatural — how do men relate to them?

Teaching A Child To Self-Soothe: Not For Everyone

More than one way to get a child to sleep through the night

In The World Of The Blind, The Woman With A Low WHR Is Queen

Even blind men can see why low WHRs are attractive.

Women in STEM, Transhumanism, and a New Author to Watch

A Talk with Nicole Sallak Anderson, author of transhumanist-themed "eHuman Dawn"

Looks Can Kill – Your Better Judgment

An angelic look can fool government agents

The Shakesepearean Art of Throwing Back Thursday

We help each other to face life by sharing our creativity

Game of Thrones, Sex & Love

Is There Love in The Game of Thrones?

Is Facebook encouraging "Selfitis"?

Exploring the link between Facebook and Narcissism

Superman's True Disguise: The Power of Social Invisibility

Clark Kent's creators dreamed about what it would take to stop feeling ignored.

The Bright Side of Vanity

What's so bad about using vanity to motivate healthy behaviors?

The 4 Components of Sex Appeal

Physical beauty is only one of 4 elements of attractiveness. Here are 3 others.

10 Ways To Radiate Positivity And Be Attractive

Hugs can be physical or verbal embraces. The more you give, the more you'll get.