Morality Matters

Morality Matters

How do people distinguish between good and evil? Is reason hardwired in the brain? How are moral beliefs ingrained? Long the province of philosphers, morality is increasingly an avenue of scientific inquiry.

Self-indulgence and the License to Sin

When temptation comes your way, here's how to hold onto your self-control

Why Paul Bloom is Wrong About Empathy and Morality

Some experts believe empathy leads to bad moral judgments and bad social policy.

The Golden Rule, Part 4: Dreams of Utopia

What if the golden rule went viral?

The Greatest of All Time

Athletes aren't really heroes, but could they inspire others to heroism?

Anxiety and Moral Judgment

Anxiety influences complex moral decisions

On My Honor

Is the concept of honor simply too difficult to understand?

What’s Counterintuitive About Discrimination?

Apparently, the fact that everyone does it.

Evil Genes? An Unconventional Perspective On BPD

"Why Rome fell, Hitler rose, and my sister stole my mother’s boyfriend."

Did Morality Evolve?

Human nature informs morality, but morality sometimes counteracts human nature

It Is Immoral to Stop People from Loving You

Why do we punish the very person who acknowledges us for our positive qualities?

Are We Good? Or Bad? Or Both?

Yes, there is hope for the human race

How Power Corrupts Leaders

Why and how does power corrupt leaders?

Challenging the "Banality" of Evil and of Heroism Part 1

Claims that heroism and evil are equally "banal" rest on double standards

The Bat of the Shadow: Batman's Role Models

Social learning and other perspectives on a superhero's role models