Your Purpose in Life

Your Purpose in Life

You don't have to change the world, but what's your purpose?

How to Find Your Best Career & Get Paid Doing What You Love

Three keys to identifying your best career

The Meaning of Sobriety

How 12-step newspeak robs and misleads us

Sue Monk Kidd: The Invention of Wings

A slave and her owner discover their true power and purpose in life.

After College: Finding the Job that's Right for You

Bleak picture for college grads may not be all bad.

Attention Parents: Mother Nature Needs Us

This Earth Day, teach your child the Dolphin Way

Slaying Energy Vampires

The least used and most important strategy for employee engagement.

Addiction Wars: Meaning and Purpose v. Disease

If purpose and meaning are the cures for addiction, is it a disease?

How To Discover Our Purpose By Connecting The Dots

When Steve Jobs connected the dots his picture became clear.

How to Have an Awesome Work Career

4 steps to an awesome career.

Turning to the Positive: Personal Growth After Trauma

Can Negative Events Make Us Stronger and Healthier?

Discovering the Purpose of Your Life: 4 Exercises

You believe there's some reason you're here. Discover it.

Creating Meaning by Facing Our Mortality

How death awareness can help us make conscious choices to live more fully

Suffering, Meaning, Hope

Finding meaning despite, and sometimes because of, suffering

Why There's Pain in Happiness

Strangely, happiness requires pain—but not suffering.

Legends of the Knight Documentary Explores Power of Stories

Documentary examines how a fictional superhero can inspire living human beings

5 Surprising Ways That Heroes Improve Our Lives

Heroes heal us, transform us, and connect us with others

More Than Sex: 11 Meaningful Facts About Single People

The real lives of people who are single

Must I Choose Between God and Science?

Various gods for various reasons

Calculate Your Life's Psychological Footprint

Your life's footprint leaves a lasting impression on your relationships.

Feel Better, Do Better, and Be Better

3 Benefits of Psychoanalysis for Patients

Is Your Life Meaningful?

Living a creative life is meaningful, but it's rarely easy.

A Meaningful Life Leads to a Longer Life

Want to live longer? Find a purpose.

The Value of Creativity

If you're full of contradictions, value them.

The Perennial Question: Who Am I?

Not being stuck in a fixed identity is liberating.