The Rise of Realism

The Rise of Realism

Science now sees optimism and pessimism not as good or bad outlooks you're born with but as mind-sets to adopt as situations demand. So let's be realistic, mix of pessimism and optimism will get you far.

5 Pitfalls of Positive Thinking

To move past setbacks, you need to see them for what they are.

What Is the One Essential Key to Long Life?

Excessive optimism does not pave the path to longevity.

Superheroine Recovery: An Interview With Batgirl's Therapist

Dr. Andrea Letamendi discusses the challenges for a heroine in trauma recovery.

A Clinical Perspective on Panic and PTSD in Iron Man 3

Batgirl's therapist takes a look at Iron Man's symptoms of posttraumatic stress.

Eight Keys to Life Hardiness and Resiliency

Helpful Reminders During Challenging Times

Instead of Asking "Why Me?” Ask "Why NOT Me?"

Life is not necessarily fair. Everyone has his or her share of disappointments.

Can You Make Your Dreams Come True?

How to cope with delays on the path to success.

Good Old Days Syndrome

How distorted memories of the past can become a source of suffering

Are Women Looking For The Wrong Kind Of Man?

Should women be marrying down instead of up?

The Virtues of Pessimism

Why pessimism might help you live longer

The Negative Path to Happiness

Why to be a "defensive pessimist"

The Loneliness Panic

Americans actually are not more isolated than ever

The Pitfalls of Seeking Happiness

With happiness, be careful what you wish for

5 Mind Tricks to Help Keep Your Resolutions

5 fun and easy ways to help keep your New Year's resolutions

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

How therapy helps us change perspective.

Five Things Kids Can Learn From Microsoft's New CEO

A few things kids and parents could learn from the new leader of Microsoft.

The "Oy" in "Joy"

Because sometimes, life can really stink.

Stuff I Wish Kids Knew Today

6 Life Lessons I Wish Kids Knew

Deterrence: Bad Feelings Motivate Us More Than Pleasant Ones

Deterrence is strong motivation for diplomacy, credit cards, and personal choice

The Psychology of Regret

Should we live our lives with no regrets as the song tells us to?

Rejection Stimulates Creativity

How a person deals with rejection determines whether they will be a success.