Talent, Born or Made?

Talent, Born or Made?

Untangling the effects of nature and nurture. Are you born with fledgling talent, or does 10,000 hours do the trick?

Lifting the Burden of Potential

Helping Children Develop a Healthy Perspective on Achievement.

Doing What you Love - On and Off the Autism Spectrum

We need to be more respectful of the interests of children & teens with autism.

Stand and Deliver: What Motivates Us to Do Our Best

How to turn the daily grind into an easy jog toward the finish line

Camp Think

Surprisingly easily, you can create an amazing experience for kids this summer.

Do You Want To Leave A Legacy? This Book Tells You How

Evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.

Don’t Reduce Everything to Nature and Nurture

Genes and environment don’t explain everything. We’re wired by experience.

Take One Minute a Day to Motivate Your child

Ambition is a motor that drives a child toward goals.

Writers Can Be Made, If Not Born

Creativity can (almost) be stifled by too much la-de-da.

Mythbusters II: We Do NOT Begin as Blank Slates

We can't all be geniuses, after all

Some Ways to Practice Are More Perfect Than Others

For Olympic gold, or top kudos in school, arts, and even love, learn to practice

The Nature and Nurture of Our Character Strengths

Putting our genes and environment to practical use.

How to Unleash Your Creativity and Find Inspiration Today!

How to deal with creative or mental blocks and be inspired.

Striking a Balance Between Ivy League or Bust

Obama becomes president: Genius or rigor?

We Can Learn From Dyslexia How to Think Creatively

Dyslexia is an advantage if you want to be original and innovative

The Advantages of an Insecure Relationship

Relationship security may not be all that desireable.

The Dangers of Extreme Praise

Inflating praise to children can backfire.

The Exceptional Motivational Power of Pizza

Small things make a big difference in employee engagement.

Nature Versus Nurture Is Not So Black and White

Born or made doesn't really matter as much as the net result.

Would Jeffrey Dahmer Have Been a Good World Leader?

A study correlates psychopathic traits with effectiveness in American presidents