Friendship for Grown-Ups

Friendship for Grown-Ups

Bonding with others can be easy when you're a kid, a teenager, or a young adult (remember those late nights in the college dorm?) But it can be harder once you've grown up. Why? And what should you do?

Craving Connection

We desire relationships because they make us feel important

Magical Friendship-Making Moments

Close friendships can come with big life changes

“I’m ugly, I’m fat,” Self-loathing Among Tweens and Teens

Why does it seem as if low self-esteem is an epidemic among our kids?

Would You Have an Openly Non-monogamous Relationship?

A new study on adults' willingness gets surprising results.

Being Authentic, Not Obnoxious

What it really means to be genuine.

Five Tips for Maintaining Lifelong Friends

... including the most important quality of a good friend.

Is Facebook Destroying Friendship?

Rampant social networking threatens the quality of today's friendships.

What If Wedding a Moral Principle Were Like Marriage?

On the parallels between wedding people, gods and moral principles

Envy and Gloating: An Unnecessary Surrender

Why humans cannot make accurate social comparisons.

Is Big Brother Invading Our Bedrooms?

Will a meddling California lead the nation in discouraging relationships?

Can You Have Too Many Friends?

One psychologist says 150 is the best number.

7 Common Mistakes That Ruin New Friendships

How to keep little things from ending a friendship before it even starts

Networking 101: How to Social Network Effectively

What should introverts know about social networking? Extraverts?

How to be 10% Happier

A Revolution in Mental Hygiene

Is Your Communication Hot or Cold?

What children and dolphins know about expressing themselves in the moment

Of Oscars, Orangutans & Oxytocin, Friendship Tales

From humans to fruit bats, you gotta have girlfriends

Fifteen Reasons We Need Friends

Why and how friends can shape your life

Sex on the Internet: How far can it go

Currently,limitation is technical, in the future it will be imagination alone

Banning Cliques from Your Dinner Party

How to creatively host your way to harmonious dining

7 Keys to Long-Term Relationship Success

7 keys to making your love last