March 8-14

March 8-14

Catch up on this week's posts about fear of flying, self-love, turning off your phone and more.

The Lost Airliner and Our Fear of Flying

The anxiety of not knowing what happened.

Is Anyone Worth Turning Off Your Phone?

How to shut down to restart relationships.

The Danger with “Boys Will Be Boys”

Why this phrase should be banned from our vocabulary

Sport and the Decline of War

How sport can help the human race transcend war and conflict

What If We All Got Mentally Ill Sometimes?

The data shows how common psychiatric symptoms are.

The Real Selfie

Me-related preoccupations are complex.

Time to Abolish Middle Management?

The new economy, tech and Gen Y changes everything.

Say No Without Ruining Your Reputation

Saying no frees you up to say yes when it matters most.