How Fair Is Your Relationship?

How Fair Is Your Relationship?

Read on about fair unions, shared power, lovers who love more, keeping a Zen mind, among other great tips.

How Successful Couples Resolve Conflicts

Disagreements can actually bring a couple closer together

You'll Never Go Wrong Leading by Example

It makes people want to follow.

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Low-conflict, low-stress melancholy marriages

Forgiveness: 7 Principles To Keep In Mind

It's mostly about letting go of anger, and that's a boon for your health.

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How to prevent the top predictor of divorce

What Happens to Sexual Desire in an Egalitarian Marriage?

Does reducing traditional gender roles promote or subvert sexuality?

The Key to an (Almost) Perfect Partnership

Your best life partner is the best friend that you sleep with

The Nonverbal Power Cues of Men and Women

How men may unknowingly (or knowingly) dominate women.

An Open Letter to Advertisers -- We are not your “consumers”

Consumers are not in control. Advertising is out of control.

Makes-Me-Crazy Relationships

How to Fix One-Sided Romances

You Belong to Me

It may not be a popular phrase, but the feeling is crucial.

7 Keys to Long-Term Relationship Success

7 keys to making your love last

The CALM System for Relationship Troubles

Discover the "CALM" system for relationship troubles.

How To Prevent Your Marriage From Making You Depressed

9 research findings on marriage and depression, and how unequal power does harm.

Fairness and the Gay and Lesbian Couple

What is fairness really about – sharing the chores or equal rights?

A Marriage Manifesto: Beyond Tit-for-Tat

The usual Golden Rule doesn't work as well for couples.


What it is and how to get it

Following Your Spouse to Death

The proximity of death of married couples.

Why Won’t They Listen To Reason??!!

Can't, Won't, Shouldn't: Three opposite interpretations that leave us guessing.

Cuddling with Mamie

What very few know about Dwight Eisenhower's 1955 heart attack

If Your Partner Cheated Should You Cheat Too?

The consequences of cheating for revenge and retaliation

If Dads Helped More, Would Moms Have More Babies?

A look at factors influencing fairness and family size.

How Keeping a Zen Mind Can Save a Relationship

Rushing to judgment about another may only hurt yourself.

What If Men Made All the Family Meals?

What would happen to leaning in then?