Do You Feel Like a Fraud?

Do You Feel Like a Fraud?

Chronic self-doubt is a hallmark of impostor syndrome, and a telltale sign is the disconnect between perceived and actual performance.

"I Feel Like a Child"

Do you sometimes feel as though you're really a child inside?

It's *OK* to Say *NO*

Two letters. One syllable. Tons of drama.

Self-Labeling Addiction as Disease: The Process in the Media

Watch how drug use is turned into a scare, then a disease.

5 Reasons I Hate Me

Rewriting the narrative on negative self-talk

Is your vulnerability making others uncomfortable?

The appropriate place for vulnerability at work.

Have You Listened to Your Self-Talk Lately?

Quiet that inner critic by speaking to yourself kindly and compassionately.

7 Steps to Living the Life You Imagined

A person’s life is too often a repetition or reenactment of the past.

Defeating the De-Motivator

When seeds of doubt creep into consciousness.

Why Validation Matters: Insights from 5 Just-Published Studies

It is good to feel validated, and not just for you

Be here now. Find out how to like yourself just the way you are!

Some ideas about how to enjoy your life -- right now!

Do the Self-Loathing See the Same "Self" that Others Do?

Is the way you see yourself necessarily the "right" one?

Why Are We So Self-Critical?

Identifying the roots of negative thinking and overcoming self-attacks.

Embrace Your Real Self by Conquering Your Inner Critic

What if the worst enemy we face is the one residing inside ourselves?

Selective Exposure: Calling Inconvenient News Irrelevant

Toward an intergalactic natural history of blindered thinking

Will the Real Me Please Stand Up So I Can Be Happy?

The road to self-knowledge isn't always unobstructed.

When the Voice Inside Your Head Turns Bad.....

Empowering yourself to challenge your inner critic.

Are You a Sucker for Praise?

How to conjure and create the appreciation you seek

How Can We Know Whether We Are Deceiving Ourselves?

Finding silver linings has its pros and cons.

Leading Culture Change:

What's first: articulate the vision or fix the plumbing?

Who I Want to Be

Learning that it's okay to fall short of Superwoman.

Quiz: Are you being defensive?

Taking offense can send the wrong message and work against you.