Crazy Love

Crazy Love

Some relationships make you crazy, and others are just plain bad for you.

How Love Can Last a Lifetime

There is a way to keep love alive.

Why Do Women Fall for Serial Killers?

Fearing the fragility of relationships.

10 Steps for Arguing Instead of Fighting

A ten-step plan for discussing issues without a meltdown.

The 50 Best Quotes on Self-Love

Love and appreciate yourself - you're all you have

Can love be addictive? Ask Mark Sanford - or his wife

Love, love, love - makes me do foolish things

Ten Science-Based Facts About Love

What we've learned so far about love and the brain.

ADHD and Sex: An Interview with Ari Tuckman PsyD MBA

Helping people with ADHD improve sexual connection and communication

Bad, Mad Love

Expert explanations for bad, mad love.

Healthy or Tainted Love?

You need a partner who's sincere, not manipulative.

Why Stick to a PTSD Diagnosis Based on Lies by Jodi Arias?

Arias kept lying to evaluating psychologist. Why won't he revise PTSD diagnosis?

Cat Fights

Why they sometimes lead to murder.

Dark Adolescent Romance

For adolescents, more romance = more depression and drinking

Anxiety and Relationships Part 1: Kissing a Few Frogs

How dating turns us into worry warts.

Are You a Poor Communicator? How to Improve

Are You a Poor Communicator? Stop the Damage and Improve Relationships

7 Keys to Long-Term Relationship Success

7 keys to making your love last

The most faithful males make the most devoted fathers.

Owl monkey studies reveal link between fidelity and paternal care.

Stress in Relationships: 10 Sources and Their Antidotes

The crazy-making stresses that trouble most couples can be radically reduced.

Beware Of Mistaken Marriage Advice That "All Couples Fight"

Is fighting normal since we all are imperfect? Or is there a better way?

Can Revenge on Your Ex Bring Closure?

Why your instincts may be wrong.

The Breakup Text Message: 5 Signs It Could Happen To You

A look at the increasing prevalence of digital dumping.

The Psychology of Neurotic Romantic Attraction

Are you repeatedly attracted to inappropriate romantic partners?

Do You Really Want a Long-term Relationship?

Humorous review of 26 years of wedded bliss

Hooked on Messy Loving

Why toxic relationships are addictive

Bad Breakup? How to Get Beyond Closure

What do you do after the end of a relationship?