When Celebrities Self-Destruct

When Celebrities Self-Destruct

What does it mean to us?

Why Do Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson Misbehave?

Why celebrities believe they are above the law.

Charlie Sheen is an Annoying Doofus

I would like to punish him for this..

Woody Guilty or Not

We may never know if Woody Allen molested his daughter, but we will take sides.

Using celebrity downfall as a teachable moment

When idolized celebrities act negatively, young worshipers need guidance.

Another One: Why So Many Celebrities Die Following Rehab

Our attitudes towards and treatment of addiction are more lethal than drugs

Polanski, Evil and Creativity: Does Talent Trump Bad Behavior?

What is the connection between creativity and evil?

Rehab as Cause of Death

Do we care that addiction treatment leads so often to death?

Reality TV in the Spotlight

What is the real human cost of this entertainment genre?

The Shock of the Shock of Celebrity Alcohol and Drug-Related

The reported drug overdose of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Celebrities: Should We Shun Them, Ignore Them, or Adore Them?

Sparkly people with good ideas should not be dismissed

Revisiting the Psychology of Narcissistic Entitlement

Not all narcissists are created equally when it comes to entitlement.

Justin Bieber—A Parent’s Helper. Really.

4 ways parents can use “bad actor” celebrities to their advantage.

Dr. Drew, Mindy McCready, and me

I've been warning about Dr. Drew for years

Avoidance, Sobriety and Reality: The Psychology of Addiction

The antidote to addiction is learning to tolerate reality.

Dangerous Genius: The Rise and Fall of Phil Spector

The fine line between madness, evil and creativity.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and the Russian Roulette of Relapse

Addiction is chronic, progressive, and fatal

How My Approach Differs from Everything That Hoffman Learned

Standard treatments tell addicts they're powerless and drugs powerful; I don't.

In Defense of Dr. Drew

Suicide risk factors lead to death, not reality TV shows

A Legacy of Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Professional prowess and private struggles are part of humanity.

The Psychology of Neurotic Romantic Attraction

Are you repeatedly attracted to inappropriate romantic partners?

Who is An Addict?

Lessons from Phillip Seymour Hoffman