Top Posts: February 2014

Top Posts: February 2014

From questions about love to musings on memory. Here's the best of the month.

1. What Happens After Friends With Benefits?

Can the friendship survive when the benefits end?

3. Should We Live Together?

Cohabitation increases the chance of divorce but helps in other ways.

4. Thinking Outside the Box: A Misguided Idea

The truth behind the universal, but flawed, catchphrase for creativity.

12. Wisdom and Narcissism

What makes a good leader?

5. How to Make Yourself Do It

When you don't want to.

2. Your Sexual Satisfaction

Highly valued, poorly understood.

6. 5 Studies Requiring a Second Look

Lessons learned from unusual research publications.

9. Myths About Young People and Social Media

Exposing beliefs about new technology.

10. Have You Reached Your Creative Peak?

The 2/3 point in your lifespan marks the creative peak.

11. Sleep: The Clean-Up Crew of a Dirty Mind

A good night's sleep literally clears your head.

7. Before You Quit

Five questions to ask yourself.

13. If You Want More Out of Life, Just Ask

Asking for what you want is highly correlated with getting it.

21. All About Her

Does a “relationship” still need actual people?

14. From Romantic Heartache to Something Better

Getting love right, once and for all.

16. 5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Love

How to stop self-protecting and self-sabotaging when it comes to love

17. Seven Fashion Secrets for Romance

How you dress may matter for relationship success.

25. Is Casual Sex Bad for Your Mental Health?

Hooking up is bad for your health only if you do it for the wrong reasons

18. Calculate Your Life's Footprint

The lasting impression on your relationships.

15. What Science Tells Us About Being in Love

Love, the most compelling mystery science will ever tackle.

19. How to Improve Your Memory, Instantly

A crash course in training your brain for amazing recall

22. 5 Myths About Introverts and Extraverts at Work

Introverts are still wildly misunderstood.

23. Who Cares What Your “Real Age” Is?

Chronological age is not as relevant as it used to be.

24. Why We Lack Self-Insight

How well do you know yourself? Want to know yourself better?

20. Romance Red Flags

Before you get too cozy, vet your new relationship for these potential problems.