The Economics of Sex

The Economics of Sex

Sexual freedom and economic theory. What does it mean for men and women?

9 Essential Habits of Sexual Assertiveness

Expert advice that can keep you safer and make you happier.

Monogamous/Closed Relationships

Can a monogamist be happy in an open relationship?

Risky business? Why women earn less than men

What keeps women from getting what they want in the workplace

Biological Markets: Why Money Only Sometimes Buys Love

Why Wealth’s Worth Fluctuates on The Mating Market

The Undivorced: Propelled by Economics, Freedom and Love

Despite odd living arrangements, parties involved often express love.

Are Women Shallow?

A woman's desire for a wealthy man may have an evolutionary basis.

“I’m Leaving You Because Of My Performance Anxiety”

Preferring porn and small women may often be because men feel inadequate

Are Men Shallow?

A wealthy man's high dating standards may have an evolutionary basis.

Why Do Men Cheat?

Are all men cheating bastards?


There was a time when macabre art trends coincided with extreme serial murder.

On Sex and Terrorism

What motivates Islamic jihadists to initiate violence, brutality and wars?

No Romance, No Marriage, Just a Baby, Please

Friends with the ultimate benefit--a child.

How Not to Apply Game Theory to Marriage

Why marriage is not competition...

The Game Theory of Female Competition

Is competition for mates self-defeating?

Is it time to institutionalize polyamorous relationships?

Not all families come in twos. Is it time to change laws to protect them too?

Well Hung

Erotic asphyxiation: sexual heroin

Understanding And Healing Fear Of Intimacy

A three-step antidote to keeping love at arm's length.

A Consideration of Polyamorous Relationships as Social Evolution

Is The Lifestyle a social fad or a social trend?

Are American Women Allowed to Have Sex Because They Want It?

To acknowledge that women desire sex is beyond the pale in America

Sex and the Stigma of Money

The buying and selling of sex

How to Have Better and More Sex (Maybe)

Two things you never knew about how to have lots of good sex.

God, and the Objectification and Sexualization of Women

God, and the Objectification and Sexualization of Women

Pornography, Emotional Availability and Female Objectification

Understanding the social dynamics of pornography addiction

Why Get Married? These Answers May Surprise You

Monogamous marriage has benefits that extend far beyond personal fulfillment.

Dating: Why it Really Is a Numbers Game

An overabundance of men in a population has financial consequences

How Money Issues Predict Divorce (& How to Prevent Them)

How financial incompatibility leads to divorce (and how to prevent it)