Oscar Fever!

Oscar Fever!

Who will win and why do we care?

The Secret Surprise of 'Walter Mitty'

The unexpected inspirational film of the year

Inside Oscar Scoop

The real reason we watch award shows and sporting events

Why Primates Like to Win

Winning stimulates dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin—and it feels good.

Celebrities: Should We Shun Them, Ignore Them, or Adore Them?

Sparkly people with good ideas should not be dismissed

Homelanders: The Next Generation

What can we expect from the new generation of kids born after the Millennials?

Dyslexia in the Oscars Spotlight

John Travolta's flub highlights a learning disorder.

Enough Celebrity Bashing!

Let's stop holding everyone but ourselves to impossible standards.

Hospice at the Oscars

A mind-bending film shows how hospice can transform the worst environment.

She's too hot to handle

"Her" wins an Oscar for depicting the oldest male sex fantasy: Insatiable women.

40 Years a Slavefish

Abolitionists work to free slaves, stop slaughters, and end corporate tyranny

Why Creativity Is Risky Business

The perils posed by creativity aren’t the obvious ones.

“Philomena” Could be My Friend’s Mother

Philomena in the Oscar nominated film could have been his mother.

And the Oscars 2013 Grand Prize Winner was ... Marriage!

How will marriage fare in the 2014 Oscars? Will it be portrayed positively?

Gravity Flubs the Psychological Impact of Being in Space

Why Gravity misrepresents the psychological impact of being in space

Gravity: Developmental Themes in Space

Sandra Bullock (Ryan Stone) is reborn in Alfonso Cuarón's spectacular film

Addiction: How a "Crazy Heart" Can Change

With the right friend, a "Crazy Heart" can change.