Love and the Modern-Day Hook Up

Love and the Modern-Day Hook Up

Shifting norms and evolving technology are changing the way we do it—for better and for worse.

Sex Delivered as Fast as a Pizza?

The Internet isn’t responsible for the hookup culture; it just makes it easier.

Don't Put Your Best Foot Forward

Disguising yourself sabotages the future of the relationship.

It's Not About You: Dealing With Internet Date Rejections

If it's not about you, what are internet dating rejections about?

Will You Be My Valentine?

Tasty treats and stylish wrapping may steal her heart—in spiders, that is.

12 Relationship Questions College Kids Want Answered

Students want to learn about love as well as about academic subjects.

Hooking Up Smart — and Nasty

Are single women really deluded, embittered rodents?

Hook Ups, Oxytocin, and the Brain’s Quest for Trust

Sex is a boom and bust way to get your oxytocin

How Texting Can Improve or Ruin Your Relationship Happiness

Can texting improve or ruin your relationship happiness?

Dating Online? Wear Red in Your Photos

Men perceive women who wear red as more attractive

In Hookups, Alcohol Is College Students' Best Friend

How common exactly is drinking before casual sex?

9 Essential Habits of Sexual Assertiveness

Expert advice that can keep you safer and make you happier.

When Psychopaths Find Love

Apparently, there's someone for everyone, even maniacs.

Valentine's Day Special: What Neuroscience Says About Love

Love may be the most compelling mystery of the mind science will ever tackle.

OCD Cupid

Mad love in a digital age.

Love is Desire, Not Emotional Need

To be free to do something, we must be free not to do it.

Breakups as Breakthroughs

What if the way we look at breakups is all wrong?

Do you have VDD (Valentine’s Day Distress)?

Be mindful of social comparison theory when online this Valentine's Day.

Modern Love editor Daniel Jones on Love

What makes a great love story?

Love Hurts…For Real

Social rejection experienced as physical pain