February 2–8

February 2–8

How to face humiliation, the false choice in the evolution-creationism debate, and how Beatlemania hijacked our brains.

Conviction and Uncertainty

Develop the former and embrace the latter.

The Psychology of Death

Facing up to our own mortality

Love, Love Medulla: The Neuroscience of Beatlemania

Beatlemania: fainting, crying, and swooning? Neuroscience can explain why.

The Sociopathic Adolescent: Myths, Research, Parenting Tips

Sociopathy is even less understood when it comes to children.

Why Parents Stick with What They Know

Decades of family preferences hold tight in U.S. and China.

Creationism vs. Evolution: It's a Trick

Science education shouldn't be about replacing one set of beliefs with another.

Have You Reached Your Creative Peak?

Research suggests the two-thirds point in your lifespan marks the creative peak.

What to Do When You’ve Been Humiliated

First, always remember that you're not alone.