Trust Matters

Trust Matters

Can you rely on others? That ability may affect your relationships and our happiness in more ways than you think.

How to Ask for Help

Learn to communicate skillfully with others so you can get the help you need.

Prayers for the Perfect

Praying and judgment mix like oil and water.

Distance Is the New Closeness

Why does geographical distance increase romantic closeness?

Is Your Partner a Liar?

Are you involved with a liar?

Does He Need To Know, part 2

There is great power in denial. There is great danger too.

What it Really Means to Be Loving

How to get past your own defenses and learn to build a real relationship.

Six Truths About Depression

Understanding and overcoming depression

7 Keys to Long-Term Relationship Success

7 keys to making your love last

Do Americans Trust Too Much?

Do we trust too much? Are we easy targets for deception and being cheated?

What happens when you can't trust your college?

Should your college career be public record?

What Drives Jealousy?

The real reason we get so jealous and how we can better deal with it

Do People with ADHD Cheat More?

Could a gene variation influence infidelity?

Four Steps to Relationship Repair With The H-E-A-L Technique

New Therapist-Developed Strategies to Rebuild Trust & Love

How Baboons Choose Their Leaders

Baboons put their trust in leaders who reward them

Christie en Famille -- There goes the family!

Chris Christie's staff was like his family—so he had to throw them overboard

How to Spot Good and Bad Bosses in Your Job Search

Take time to evaluate your future manager

Why Affairs Tempt Us, And How to Prevent Them

Emotional affairs can prove as disastrous as sexual ones. Prevention is key.

Recovery from an Affair

Affairs can devastate a marriage. But once the secret has been uncovered...

7 Unconscious Errors We Make When Buying Brands

Our purchase decisions can be highly irrational and costly.

Facebook and Relationship Craziness

Facebook can upset, disrupt and ruin a perfectly fabulous romance!

Marshmallows, Willpower, and Reliability

"Eat the marshmallow" is a rational strategy in unreliable situations.

“In Hookups, Inequality Still Reigns”

Why some women complain about not having orgasms when hooking up

Sacrifice in Relationships: Do You Go That Extra Mile?

If so, be sure to say “ouch” when your feet hurt.

Romantic Commitment: The Gift That Keeps You Giving

But is that necessarily a good thing?

Communication Success with Different Personality Types

How to communicate effectively with different personality types

The 9 Most Common Relationship Mistakes

Any of these emotional torpedos could sink a couple.

Opportunity Costs: Life and Social Science's Biggest Idea

And the reason you’re more anxious than a rock, a creek, or a computer.

Embracing Eurydice: How Dolphins Can Help Us Build Trust

Second in a three-part series about addiction and recovery: Self-identity