Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies

Understanding the identity-warping nature of secrets and lies.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Storytelling

Unite ideas and emotion but avoid these dangerous pitfalls to get your story out

Compliments, Insults, and Other Challenges

What if there’s no perfect response?

The Science of Apologies -- Or Is It Child's Play?

The moral fables of Michael, Alex, and Chris

Forensic Pathologist's Crime Quartet

Ann Rule publishes Cyril Wecht’s crime “shorts,” adding autopsy grit.

The Truth About Lie Detection

We do it every day, but most of us only do it half right.

The Walking Story Book: A Talk With Linda Joy Myers

The Master Memoirist and Therapist on Weaving the Dark and the Light

Cheap Lies

If you lie to your husband about how much stuff costs, are you betraying him?

Aurora Judge Rules "Truth Serum" Can Test Suspect's Insanity

Why gamble a mass murder suspect's fate on dubious methods for testing insanity?

Why Stick to a PTSD Diagnosis Based on Lies by Jodi Arias?

Arias kept lying to evaluating psychologist. Why won't he revise PTSD diagnosis?

Undercover in a Subculture

Innovative social scientists once exposed truths that still reverberate.

Bullshitting: Lessons from the Masters

How the great bullshitters pull it off.

Deception: The Real Villain Behind Relationship Infidelity

When we are honest with our partners, we are true to ourselves.

Do Relationships Need Lies to Survive?

Save a relationship with a lie? Not a serious one.

Letters from Downton: A Different Kind of Therapy

Downton Abbey reveals simple secrets to true connectedness and understanding.

Six Everlasting Truths about Deception

Lie detection may be harder than it looks, and that could be a good thing.

Big-Time Liars: Top 7 Lies They Tell Themselves

The road to deception is paved with self-deception

Why We Lie and How to Stop

The many lies we tell hurt us in the end.

There Are No Rules for When or How Someone Dies

Every January brings the worst day of my year. My little sister’s birthday.

How to Spot and Deal with Passive-Aggressive People

8 keys to surviving passive-aggressives at home and at work.

The Virgin Sodomite

Hello young lovers, wherever you are.

How We Learn to Lie

Liar, liar—breaking the habit

Confessions of a Sick Person

Truth be told: Nine confessions about life while sick.

Never Be Ordinary: A Better Women's Murder Club

This British miniseries deserves notice for its unique approach to murder.

When someone you care about is hiding an eating disorder

Understanding the underlying meanings can help you choose an appropriate action

Gluten Sensitivity as Eating Disorder

How orthorexia nervosa becomes anorexia nervosa via gluten sensitivity

20 Quotes on Secrets

Keeping secrets is a tricky business