January 5–11

January 5–11

Pondering unwanted behaviors, the hype of high-tech, wedding vows, and more.

Why I Was Wrong About Twitter

Six reasons to reconsider tweeting

Is This the End of Marriage, Capitalism and Religion?

What if the next big thing really isn’t a thing at all? What if it’s a way?

The Autism Spectrum: Has It Really Changed?

The ideas of Leo Kanner's and Han Asperger's

Large Increase in Suicide Among Middle Aged

Suicide rates are not increasing in the young and in the elderly

Ten Research-Based Wedding Vows

Getting married? Love science? Me too!

The Hype of High-Tech Predictions

The narcissism of our techno-future

Stopping Unwanted Behaviors

New research on the interplay between goals and temptations?

Beware the Regression Fallacy

Firing Coaches May Seem to Help Sports Teams, But It May Just Be an Illusion