January 12-18

The latest on what you are doing right (and wrong) in your relationship; why young people are getting more self-centered; and why an aging brain isn't as scary as you think.

Distance Is the New Closeness

By Aaron Ben-Zeév Ph.D.
Why does geographical distance increase romantic closeness?

The 9 Most Common Relationship Mistakes

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
And how they keep your relationship from flourishing.

The Myth of Age-Related Cognitive Decline

By Thomas Hills Ph.D.
Research on age-related decline is experiencing a sea-change.

The True Value of Workplace Feedback

By Sara Canaday
How to get and use the kind of feedback that can have meaningful impact.

Morality Shouldn't Ignore Competitiveness

By Michael E. Price Ph.D.
Let's strive for a morality that makes the most of human nature.

Why Is Narcissism Increasing?

By Peter Gray Ph.D.
Play deprivation may underlie the increase in narcissism and decline in empathy.

What Happy Couples Do

By Guy Winch Ph.D.
Master them, and you'll avoid vicious cycles of conflict.

Think You're Thinking? 6 Reasons to Think Again

By Peg Streep
We're hasty, sloppy, and biased, and that's just for starters.