I Love My Selfie

The selfie is changing identity, relationships, and just about everything else.

Photographs and Memories

By Ira Hyman Ph.D.
Make memories, not photographs

Ten Ways to Tell if You’re a Narcissist

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
A straightford how-to guide for measuring your own levels of narcissism

Pressured to Sext

By Raychelle Cassada Lohmann MS, LPC
What drives teens to engage in sexting?

Are You a Narcissist? 6 Sure Signs of Narcissism

By Susan Heitler Ph.D.
"I know best" and "It's all about me" suggest narcissisitc non-listening.

Selfies or Selfless? 6 Top Habits of Happy Social Networkers

By Emma M. Seppälä Ph.D.
Your social media style can determine your happiness and success. What's yours?

10 Reasons Why Facebook is Not the “Happiest Place on Earth”

By Ravi Chandra M.D., F.A.P.A.
Social networks can be bad for you

Your Body on Display: Social Media and Your Self-Image

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
Beware the dangers of getting too caught up with your online look.

Facebook Postings Help Solve 2013 Crimes

By Cathy Scott
Classic examples of social media posts used as evidence in criminal cases

About Those Photos Shared Online: Do They Tell Us More Than We Used to Know About Each Other?

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D.
Do your online photos reveal what you wouldn’t say in person?

Facebook Selfies and Romantic Relationships

By Theresa E DiDonato Ph.D.
How you present your self on Facebook affects your romantic relationship

Who will raise the most for charity?

By John List
We work with a fundraising campaign to find out. There's more than meets the eye

7 Unconscious Errors We Make When Buying Brands

By Douglas Van Praet
Our purchase decisions can be highly irrational and costly.

In Defense of Facebook

By Toni Bernhard J.D.
Facebook is a port in the storm for chronic pain and illness sufferers.

Lovingkindness for Mike Tyson

By Stanton Peele
Iron Mike isn't getting the self-love he needs from recovery

Microadventure: The Salve for Modernity

By Matt Walker M.A.
5 reasons to escape locally

Is There a Narcissism Epidemic?

By Ronald E Riggio Ph.D.
Are culture and child rearing to blame for an increase in narcissism?

Get Over Selfie Shame!

By Pamela B. Rutledge Ph.D., M.B.A.
Eight ideas for using selfies to make your life better