Your Body Clock

Your Body Clock

Keep fatigue and depression at bay—get on top of your body rhythms.

Having The Guts To Do Something Different

Letting go of our long held patterns and beliefs can be down right painful.

Two Simple Ways to Help Children Sleep Better

Increasing morning light—while dimming lights at night—syncs our internal clock.

Resyncing the Bodyclock to Treat ADHD

Studies point to a new way to treat ADHD symptoms by addressing biorhythms.

6 Ways to Get More Sleep

Follow these six steps for a better night's rest.

Losing an hour of sleep: Impacts kids with & without ADHD

Just one hour of sleep loss can affect a child's functioning.

Time to Cover Your Clocks

Find more time by forgetting time.

Keeping Expectant Mothers Guessing

Can’t we do a better job of estimating when a baby is due?

Saved by a cup of Joe

A life changed in an instant

The Physical and Psychological Benefits of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

Harmonizing body, mind and spirit through movement

Plugging and Drugging

The kids’ market for ADHD drugs now saturated, companies are going after adults.

What Is Memory?

Think again.

Resolutions Past and Future: Dear Younger Self.......

New Year's Resolutions: How advice to our past selves can transform our future

A Few of Our Favorite Reads

These are some great books to help you start the New Year.

Why We Gain Weight When We’re Stressed—And How Not To

The psychology and biology of stress-related overeating and weight gain

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump

Tricks to Make It Through Your Day with More Energy and Enthusiasm

Depressed, Then Sleepless? Or Vice Versa?

The chicken-and-egg problem inspires a new therapy for insomnia.

Too Sleepy To Wake Up in the Morning

A 13 year old who wouldn't wake up for school.

Should High School Start at 11 AM?

Why are teenagers so chronically sleep deprived?

Light Therapy, Antidepressant Meds—Either/Or? Both?

What will it take to do away with depression’s symptoms?

Time Change Disruption—and Countermeasures

Your cell phone clock resets itself…but what about your inner clock?

I'm Grateful for Dopamine

I thank my brain for its survival efforts instead of attacking its shortcomings

The Brain's Ability to Look Within: A Secret to Self-Mastery

Tapping into our ability to turn attention inward empowers and heals.

Mornings in High School—A Total Loss!

Is first period just a blur in your mind?

More on the Chronotherapy / Cognitive Therapy Interface

Each targets insomnia as a culprit for depression, directly or indirectly.

The Ways of Winter Mindfulness

Winter is the season of rejuvenation and creativity

What’s Keeping You Awake?

Worry feels like motivation but it is actually a de-motivator

Sleep Hygiene for the Rest of Us

All that “good night’s sleep” advice does not help with chronic pain and illness

Light Therapy on the Wild Side

Innovation is exciting, but leaping to market raises clinical/ethical concerns.

Sunrise When You Need It

New technology can fool the clock on the wall and help your inner clock.

Sleeping Around The Clock

Another way of getting your teen’s sleep back on track for school