Top 25: December 2013

Top 25: December 2013

Check out our top posts of the month, including: How to improve yourself (for real) this new year, how we think about charity, and the greatest invention of all time.

8. When Music Hurts

Christmas music doesn't bring everyone cheer.

1. Trick Yourself: Making Resolutions Stick

Can reverse psychology help you with your New Year's Resolution?

3. Seven Relationship Resolutions to Keep

Invest in what matters in 2014.

4. Your Body on Display

Beware the dangers of getting too caught up with your online look.

12. Three Core Anxieties and How to Calm Them

Realistic hope for liberation from anxiety

2. The Power of Permission

Giving yourself the green light

6. When the Goal Looms Larger

Why are people more generous at the end of a charitable campaign?

9. Defeat Without Dishonor

An anecdote from Mandela's childhood and a lesson about peace

10. How to Find Solitude on a Busy Day

Time alone can boost your productivity and creativity.

11. Language and the Math Handicap

Does Asian math superiority derive partly from a difference in number names?

7. Why Aren't the Holidays Happier?

The holidays are a time of Pollyannaish expectations.

13. The Greatest Invention of All Time

What is the most important advance in the history of humankind?

14. Why Does Time Fly as We Get Older?

Time seems to pass more and more quickly as we age. Why is this?

16. How Daughters Change Fathers

Men's gender ideology and support of women's rights may depend on child gender.

17. When Adolescents Renounce the Family Faith

Teens can reject religion and return to it later on.

25. What Is Knowledge?

A basic review of how philosophers approach knowledge

18. Too Much of a Good Thing

How can you improve fluid intelligence in an era of crystallized intelligence?

15. Are You a Slacktivist?

Stop liking causes on Facebook.

19. Self-Victimizing Again?

There is relief for the persistently victimized.

22. The Power of the Gifts We Hide

The power of the gifts we hide: our true self and our false self

23. How to Read About a Feared Illness

It's a matter of not knowing enough.

24. Ten Sources of Low Self-Esteem

What happened while you grew up was not your fault.

20. All Rise

Somebodies, Nobodies, and the Politics of Dignity