The Glee Club

The Glee Club

Your brain on the holidays: Pry apart the significance of your favorite traditions and learn to cope with December stress.

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Six sanity-saving tips for mindfully enjoying your family over the holidays

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5 ways to prevent holiday parenting mistakes.

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The benefits of believing in Santa Claus

Motivating the Joy Response

Is the exuberance of joy a natural pressure relief valve for stress?

7 Smart Strategies to Avoid Holiday Burnout

7 ways to reduce holiday stress

Do I Have to Go to the Party?

Patience and a sense of humor will help introverts survive the holiday season.

Christmas Angst and the Psychology of Gifts: 5 Giver Types

Exploring the psychology of gift giving: Recognize anyone you know?

How Could I Be Related to These People?

When it feels like you have nothing in common, here's why.

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Christmas music doesn't bring everyone cheer.

Surviving Loneliness over the Holidays

Strategies to combat loneliness over the holidays

Helping the Sensitive Child Cope with the Holidays

Follow these do's and don'ts to help your child cope with the holidays.

When Poor Health and the Holidays Collide

Four ways to ease the pain of limited participation in holiday activities.

Breaking Tradition

Give up “same old, same old” traditions to minimize exhaustion and frustration.

Help for the Holidays

The holidays are difficult for many people.

Coolest Kid on the Block—Christmas Tree AND Hanukkah Bush!

I’ve been blessed to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas.

Educating Loved Ones about Your Health During the Holidays

Talk to family and close friends ahead of time about your health limitations.

5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

Why we feel down at the end of the year and what we can do about it

What We Can Learn From Our Elders: 4 Steps for the Holidays

4 steps to controlling negative emotions during the holidays.

The Serenity Prayer: A Musical Gift

Is there a better gift than the gift of serenity?

Of Holiday Bullies and Double Standards

Holiday advice is different if you are single

Four Simple Reasons Smart People Shouldn't Believe in Races

Today is a good day to wake up and join the human species.

Deck the Halls for Chanukah

Music unites us all, and at the same time conveys essential holiday messages.

Why Travel is a Major Accomplishment

You should be proud of where you've traveled.

The Holidays can be an Opportunity for Great Hope

Regardless of your religious tradition embrace the season of light and hope.

There Are No Victims, Only Volunteers

Brain solutions for the jingle bell blues

Unwrap Mindfulness & Abundant Mindset this Holiday Season

Practical Tools for Balance, Self-Compassion, and Abundant Mindset

The Most Miserable Time of Year

Santa's race, Happy Holidays, consumer debt and other reasons for holiday misery

5 Mind Tricks to Help Keep Your Resolutions

5 fun and easy ways to help keep your New Year's resolutions

Family Traditions

Love notes for our kids: The best family traditions may be those we invent