How to Change

How to Change

Here's what the experts have to say about making the improvements you need—and the best tools for getting there.

Our True Self Versus Our False Self

The power of the gifts we hide: our true self and our false self

The Meat Of Us

Did Jeff Schwartz find evidence for free will?

Blue Collar Self Help

Lasting change rises from factory-like repetition

5 Tips for Success

Five Ways to Change Your Life

We All Need Role Models to Motivate and Inspire Us

Looking for inspiration? Turn to the people you admire most

Stop Bad Habits by Breaking from Your Inner Critic

When it comes to changing, you can be your own worst enemy

Three Important Lessons for Making Critical Life Changes

How to engage five stages of change for success

Letting Go of What You Cannot Change

Turn what you cannot change into peace and contentment with this very moment.

Weight, Weight: Don't Tell Me!

Many of us are more conflicted than ever about mid-life weight gain

Envy and Jealousy as Gifts

Why I am thankful for envy and jealousy.

Paddling Away from Regret: Pursuing a Dream Despite Fear

Pursuing a dream can be scary. But in the long run, is it riskier to turn away?

When Quitting Drinking Is On Your Resolution List

Should you go it alone, see a therapist, or walk the steps?

19 Reasons Why Willpower Fails You, And What To Do About It

Willpower is essential fuel, but it needs help to move us forward.

5 Steps To A Strong 2014 Start

If you REALLY want to make improvements, start with a plan!

Why Most People Don't Keep New Year's Resolutions

Introducing "objective constancy"

What moment will define you in 2014?

Try this alternative to a New Year's resolution to create your dream 2014.

New Year’s: Making Changes that Stick

6 Practical Ways to Make Real Changes

Running From Grief: Can Moving Forward Heal?

Can moving your body alter your mind?

A New Resolution Strategy for the New Year

Maybe the traditional approach to resolutions in the New Year isn't so great.

5 Benefits of Having No Expectations

Put a halt to the wanting mind

Eight Tips for Using Emotion to Make Your Resolutions Stick

Pain, Pleasure, Charity and Social Media Can All Help You Keep Your Commitments

Seven New Year Resolutions that Improve Emotional Health

New Years Resolutions that improve long-term quality of life

That's Affirmative

The neuroscience trick for making new year's resolutions stick.

A Treatment Pilgrimage to Mayo Clinic

What went wrong at the Mayo Clinic

A New Year: 5 Lessons We can Learn from a Butterfly

The movement process of a transition

What Can You Do If You Live In A Zoo?

Try changing your life to be more active by becoming less efficient.

Does Brain-Training Work?

Don’t believe the hype—there’s a catch to mental skills training programs.

The 9 Mind-Bending Books of 2013

The books that will supercharge your beach vacation and 3 a.m. bouts of insomnia

The Psychology of Writing: Skill #2

Your brain will support your habit if you set it up correctly.

How Therapy Uses Object Relations To Quell Anxiety

Most therapies produce similar results. Maybe the common factor is relationship.