Good or Evil?

Good or Evil?

Are you dealing with a bad apple or do you have a bad barrel? Plus: Humans may be aggressive, but war is something much different.

How to Spot a Bad Leader

Learn the tactics used by leaders from hell

Selfless lies: Myth or Reality?

Can selfless lies be selfish?

Criminal Minds

A recent study offers clues to the evil brain

What Really Happened to the Jews?

Hardly passive, European Jews fought not only the Nazis.

Parenting Children with Differences

Overcoming our natural parental narcissism.

The Pace of Revolution

Keeping despair at bay while fighting for change

Does TV watching really hurt vocabulary development?

Do programs like Dora and Sesame Street help or hurt our children's learning?

7 Ways to Stop Violence at Every Age

Understanding, preventing, and effectively treating violence

Individual Differences in the Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment did NOT show situations overpower personality

Gifts of the Shadow

In nature and in daily life, there’s beauty in the interplay of light of shadow.

Popular Kids

Why Are Some Children Popular?

Fear vs. Power

There is a correlation between fear and the amount of power people seek

Sinner or Saint? 7 Steps to Harness Your Inner Angel

Sinner one moment, Angel the next? Here's how to gain control.

Jodi, Joran and Casey: On the Psychology of Evil

How are the Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony and Joran van der Sloot cases similar?

Braking Bad

Kids who callously kill on a whim seem untreatable, but they aren’t.

What Is Karma and Why Should it Matter to Us?

Karma refers to planting behavioral seeds that turn into lifelong habits.

Animals Compete and It's Not Always Pretty

Competition is not a survival threat, but it feels that way.

What Do People Care More About - Animal Abuse Or Child Abuse

An experiment tests the hypothesis that we care more about puppies than kids.

Serial Killer Signatures

Some killers leave very unique personal stamps.

When Giving To Disaster Victims Is Morally Wrong

Altruism is only about benefiting others sometimes.

Why and How Do We Help?

From one-ness to we-ness: The courage needed to be a hero

The Ordinary Lies We All Tell, and What's Behind Them

Get in touch with the emotions that prompt even your most innocent white lies

Your Helping Instincts May Be Stronger Than You Realize

In times of need, most of us instinctively reach out to help

Does Holy War Make Demons of Us All?

Holy war has a surprisingly long and varied history.

How To Think Like a Psychopath

An interview with James Fallon, author of "The Psychopath Inside"

Being Evil and Doing Evil: Are They Always The Same?

Why and how do good people let evil happen?

When Temptation Comes Your Way, Hold Onto Your Self-Control

When temptation comes your way, here's how to hold onto your self-control

Boys to Men—What the Steubenville Trial Makes Clear

5 Ways to Teach Men (and Boys) Not to Rape

Psychopaths in Fact, Fiction, and Your Everyday Life

How psychopaths put us under their spell

Big-Time Liars: Top 7 Lies They Tell Themselves

The road to deception is paved with self-deception

Die, Baby, Die!

The NRA reigns supreme, along with Americans' love of violent solutions

When Should Kids Learn about Evil?

Should children be protected from awareness of evil acts?

The psychic perils of forensic practice

Exposure to horror can cause vicarious traumatization, professional burnout

Morality and Tribalism: The problem with Utilitarianism

An answer to Joshua Greene’s Moral Tribes

Masks of Sanity (Part Four): What is a Psychopath?

The term "psychopath" is being overused by expert commentators.

What Domestic Batterers Can Teach Us About Terrorism

When children grow up dreaming of domination, there's trouble ahead.

The Fake Signer Reigns Supreme

People are too frightened to call a faker a fake

A Novel Strategy for Beating Food Cravings

Embrace, don't fight your food cravings to master them.

Catastrophe in the Philippines: Coping with Cosmic Evil

How can we psychologically cope with catastrophe?

Evil Genes? An Unconventional Perspective On BPD

"Why Rome fell, Hitler rose, and my sister stole my mother’s boyfriend."

Towards Understanding The Action-Omission Distinction

When negligence begins to resembles active causation

Changing Your Definition of "Bad"

When bad is good - know your rights.

Meanness Hurts

Meanness is shaming, threatening, or both.

Enneagram Types in the Suspenseful Movie “Separate Lies”

Accomplished actors portray complex personalities in this movie.

Lessons from a Christmas Carol

Going from Your Scrooge “Self” to Ebenezer No-Self

Crying Uncle

A Short History of Applause

Truth And Non-Consequences

The curious case of moral nonconsequentialism

Death is Wrong: A Children's Book

Review and Q & A with creators of new children's book: Death Is Wrong

Cannibal Killer's Cave of Bones

Rare MO in 10-day killing frenzy points directly to killer.