December 1–7

December 1–7

Why the holidays are getting you down, how to support a cause honestly, how social media can damage your self-perception, and more.

When Adolescents Renounce the Family Faith

Teenagers can reject religious training and attendance, returning to it later.

What Is Knowledge? A Brief Primer

A basic review of how philosophers approach knowledge.

Are You a Slacktivist?

Stop liking causes on Facebook

Your Body on Display

Beware the dangers of getting too caught up with your online look.

How Daughters Change Fathers

Men's gender ideology and support of women's rights may depend on child gender.

Why Aren't We Happier During the Holidays?

The holidays are a time of Pollyannaish expectations

Why Holiday Music Can Hurt

Christmas music doesn't bring everyone cheer.

Madiba: Defeat Without Dishonor

How an anecdote from Mandela's childhood led to learning about peace.