Why Being Bad Feels So Good

Why Being Bad Feels So Good

The confounding, corrupting allure of bad behavior.

The Good and Bad in Being Bad

Is it always fun to be bad?

Why Are Mean People So Good Looking?

People who are bad know how to make themselves look good.

Glorifying Bullying Bosses

There are many bad and bullying bosses in the media. What is the fascination?

Weird Serial Killers

A trio of killers with strange inspirations defies typical databases.

Serial Killing For Cash

Money as a motive for murder

The Allure of Aggressive Men

A new study illuminates why women can find combativeness attractive.

How Desire Fools Us: The Benefits and Dangers of The Chase

Desire brings us joy. Learn to harness its benefits while avoiding its dangers.

Sinner or Saint? 7 Steps to Harness Your Inner Angel

Sinner one moment, Angel the next? Here's how to gain control.

Bad Luck, Bad Choices or Psychological Reversal?

Many good folks subconsciously self-sabotage. Do you?

Looking for an Escape? The Impulse to Run Away from It All

That desire to get away can contain vital messages about self-care.

The Most Fun Way to Learn About Human Nature

New DVD sets and books offer intriguing psychology clues.

Naughty or Nice? Single Men and Married Men

Deciding what counts as naughty or nice

Women, Swinging, Sex, and Seduction.

Is swinging a male-driven and dominated endeavor?

When the Voice Inside Your Head Turns Bad.....

Empowering yourself to challenge your inner critic.

Why We Can't Stop Watching "The Real Housewives"

Why We're Fascinated by the Drama & Decadence of Reality Television

Letter to Those Who Don't Put Their Mug in the Dishwasher

An open letter to employees who leave their mess for others to clean up

Consumer Self-report Data: You Can Ask What But Not Why

When is self-report data trustworthy (and when is it not)?

Keeping a Sense of Humor When Parenting Adolescents

When over serious about minor matters, humor lightens parental disposition up

Unexpected Lessons in Gratitude and Character for Teens

Learning personal responsibility in an age of sensational "selfies"

Psychology Is So Simple - Think Positive!

Science reveals one secret to fighting depression and being happy

Our Love/Hate Relationship with White/Black Pop Stars

Lily Allen's new video illustrates our love/hate relationship with pop music