Where Are the Women?

Where Are the Women?

Closing the gap in leadership, science, and business.

Explaining the Math Gender Gap

Explaining the Math Gender Gap

18 Inspirational & Empowering Quotes for Women

Uplifting & positive quotes for women

Why Gender Matters: In Golf AND In Science

Wielding a pencil or club, practice, instruction, and expectations matter

Why U.S. Girls Underperform In Math, But Swedish Girls Don't

Stress in US girls could causes impaired working memory and math performance

What Keeps Women Down? Gender and Leadership

Women face a double standard and a double bind.

Risky business? Why women earn less than men

What keeps women from getting what they want in the workplace

Are Women Really More Compassionate?

Some people argue that women are kinder, but what does the data really show?

Three Ways Marriage Is A Queer Choice

Same and opposite sex 21st century nuptials are increasingly queer

Why Women are Undercut in the Workplace

Strong cultural bias makes working women’s progress difficult.

The Woman Who Saved Marriage

One heroic woman determined she had to halt our rising divorce rates.

Why Women Make Better Leaders Than Men

The world would be better if most leaders were women.

“What Do I Need Science For? I’m Going Into Fashion!"

Teachers must encourage STEM learning through personal relevance.

Much-needed Women and Media Conference Energizes, Inspires

Today's Sexism and Ways to End It Displayed at VFA Event

Weight Gain Hurts Memory in Older Women

Of course learning from my book Memory Power 101 is easier than losing weight.

My Eyes are Up Here

Eye tracking reveals that men and women exhibit the objectifying gaze