The Power of NO!

The Power of NO!

How setting limits sets you free. By Judith Sills, Ph.D.

When to Say “No” or “Not Now”

Setting skillful boundaries is an act of self-protection and self-compassion.

The Social Politics of Saying 'No'

Cooperative relationships and setting boundaries

Plug Energy Drains With These Magic Words

Introverts can conserve energy with this simple strategy.

The Art of Prioritizing Projects

6 Indicators to help creatives & business artists learn to discern

Selfishness: 10 Myths You May Be Relieved To Debunk

Useful for dealing with folks who define selfish as "not giving me what I want."

How To Say NO to a Favor

Although it may not come instinctively, saying no may be the right response.

Linguistic Make-Over: 'And' Versus 'But'

Can word choice block our messages?

Risk Something to Gain Something

Risk is involved in every decision.

Why Women Have a Hard Time Saying No

Women often play to get along, whereas men often pay to win.

Alzheimer’s: To Set Them Straight, Or Not?

Your father’s dead. Your mother talks about him as if he’s in the next room.

What motivates you?

It is important to match what you do to what your basic motivations are

3 Tips and "No" to Be Free of the 10 Table Pounding Whys

Tips on how to overcome saying "Yes" when we really mean "No."

You Don’t Have To Ruin Your Holidays To Make An Abuser Happy

You don't have to go see your abusive family during the holidays

Boundaries: It's Time to Say No When You Need To

Is it time to start honoring your needs, instead of everyone else's?

7 Ways to Protect Your Energy & Enforce Healthy Boundaries

Strategies to avoid overwhelm and create boundaries that keep you sane.

De-Stress Your Way out of Distress

Plunge into work-life balance with guts and conviction!

Speak Up! 18 All-Purpose Assertive Phrases

Need a quick way to be assertive? Try these magic words.

The Assertiveness Habit

Assertiveness is essential for habit change—and for self-respect.

Take Back Your Life: How to Say NO More Often

You won't have the life you want until you learn to say no.

The Importance of Learning to Say “No”

What happens if a person never learns to say no?

13 Ways to Make Saying No Easier

Reasons we can't or don't say NO.

Ten Keys to Handling Unreasonable & Difficult People

10 Strategies for Handling Aggressive or Problem Personalities

Are You Too Nice? 7 Ways to Gain Appreciation & Respect

Are you too nice for your own good? Seven ways to gain appreciation and respect

Eight Ways Educators Can Collaborate with Parents

How do we form collaborative relationships with overbearing parents?

The Art of Disagreeing Agreeably

How to disagree and say no in a way that augments goodwill.

Be Happy -- Just Think Negative Thoughts!!

Are pessimists actually happier than optimists?