Our Happy Planet

Our Happy Planet

How to adapt our lives and our ways of thinking for sustainable well-being.

Autumn's Fullness and Beauty: Quotations and Photographs

The fullness of life in autumn: quotations and photographs with commentary.

Why Do Smart, Caring People Ignore Environmental Issues?

Heal yourself and help heal the planet.

Deep Ecology and Evolution of Consciousness: Part 5 of 5

What's the way forward to a life-sustaining society? Can we get there from here?

Elation: The Amazing Effect of Witnessing Acts of Kindness

Why do we have peak experiences when we see people being kind to each other?

Medicine Around the World

A tip on how to attain a global appreciation for the practice of medicine.

America Is Already Gone

America is in irreversible decline - the country you knew is gone

The Best Kept Secret to Happiness: Compassion

How compassion is the best kept secret to being happy, healthy, wealthy and wise

The Place of Place in Our Lives

‘Place’ isn’t just background; sometimes it’s the main event

Motivating the Joy Response

Is the exuberance of joy a natural pressure relief valve for stress?

When You're Happy You Don't Have to Tell Anyone

Real happiness is evident without words.

The Best Scientific Tool For Living Saner, Happier Lives

The Apples and Oranges Test: How to keep debates focused on the right questions

The Midas Effect

In this season of merry aquisition

Why I'm Optimistic about Young People Today

6 stories that inspire me to believe children will make the world a better place

Shamu Gives Thanks to Macy’s Float?

Will the Macy’s Parade help turn “Shamu” into a poster-child for global change?

From Sacks to Suicidality: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

A startling number of suicides from pro athletes as we begin to unravel CTE.

Mothered Earth

Ask not what your planet can do for you…