Things That Go Bump in The Night

Things That Go Bump in The Night

Exploring the scary side of life.

Why Halloween Just Won't Go Away

What is Halloween really about?

Why Are There Horror Movies?

We get pleasure from unpleasurable emotions--how? why?

The Lure of Haunted Houses

Why was I dying to go inside?

Ted Bundy's Ghost

The infamous serial killer appears to be quite mobile in the afterlife.

Compare and Despair

How to tackle the green-eyed monster

What the Candy Witch Taught Us

Children are not as gullible as we think.

Watching “Harry Potter” Enhances Creativity

Magic and fantasy get you out of a rut.

How Scary is Operant Conditioning? (Happy Halloween!)

B. F. Skinner still freaks the bejeezus out of people.

Halloween Time: Fun or Fear?

Halloween is supposed to be a fun time.

"Why Is Mental Illness Scary?

Hallo-weaning ourselves from stigmatizing horror tropes

Hollywood, Halloween and Horror Movies—a Killer Formula

Regarding horror movies, are humans perverse, even masochistic?

Autistic Kids Are Magnets for Ghosts

Those with autism often are first to recognize the paranormal

Happy Halloween and welcome to the Death Cafe!

New ways and very old ways to deal with fear of death

Why is the Job Search So Scary?

Job seeking? Make sure your brain is your ally and not your enemy.

Necessary Evil Documentary: Exploring Super-Villainy

Psychologists join comics creators and film pros in examining super-villains.

Which Fear to Face First?

Stuck picking a Some Nerve Challenge? Try creating your Index of Fears.

Thinking Like an Italian

An award-winning chef enters the heads of faraway people in faraway times.

Halloween Quotes: What They Say About Our Fears

How does the holiday help us gain control over our deepest anxieties?

Doctor Who: Fear the Weeping Angels and Don't Blink

Avian Anderson discusses which kinds of fear the Weeping Angels evoke.

Why We Can't Just Get Rid of Anxiety & Distress

Negative emotions are hard-wired into our brains to be managed, not eliminated

The Self-Cleaning Brain

How sleep clears toxic metabolic byproducts from the brain.

Fierce Weather and a Legacy of Loss

My guest blogger has documented a community's experience of a devastating flood.

Ghosts And Spirits Can Be Beneficial To Your Mental Health

Belief in the afterlife can help you cope with trauma

Zombies, Brains, and Memory

Explaining the zombie memory advantage

Princesses and Zombies: Halloween Isn’t Just For Children

Macabre images remind us of the ambiguity of death and its aftermath.

Boo! Halloween Humor to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Halloween riddles about skeletons, vampires, and witches!

3 Quick Ways to Curb Catastrophic Thinking

Assuming catastrophes are coming holds you back. Here's how to move ahead.

Fright Night

Fear and loathing at Halloween

50 Ways You Can Be Brave Today

Simple ways to get your brave on

Seeking Danger to Find a Sense of Life

Thrills unveil your mortality and make you feel alive