The Truth About Cats and Dogs

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Inside the minds of America's favorite pets.

Catnip Fever: Why Your Cat Acts High

How a little plant can cause a feline frenzy

How Smart Is Your Cat?

Cats have a greater capacity for complex problem solving than dogs

A Question of Guilt

Anthropomorphism, animal behavior, and punishing field mice

Can Humans Really Interpret the Facial Expressions of Dogs?

We may not be able to read a dog's facial expressions as well as we thought.

Do Dogs Know The Difference Between Dogs and Other Animals?

Dogs seem to recognize other dogs, regardless of their breed, size, or shape.

Why We Love Our Pets: They're Just Like Us!

Which breed you own says a lot more about you than you might think.

The myth of animal altruism

Progressives project ideology onto animals because it feels good.

Life Lessons From My Cat

The problem was I had been following the Golden Rule

Pictures and Quotes About Our Furry Friends

Enjoy these pictures and reflections on our favorite pets.

What's With the Cat, and Other Questions about Singles and Their Pets

A pet is not compensation for not having a spouse.

DNA Results: Positive for Tetrachromacy

This blogger is not just a synesthete but has a fourth cone class for color

How Emotionally Attached Are You to Your Pet?

10 ways to measure the role of pets in your life

Catching Up with Caveman

We need science to tell us what we used to know about animals.

Right Manners

More lessons from Grizzly Bears.

Do Dogs Have a "Eureka" Feeling When Solving Problems?

Like people, dogs get a burst of positive feeling when they solve a problem.

"Dogs ARE Persons!" (The Other Side of the Debate)

Three animal protectionists explain why I am wrong about animal personhood.

How a Pet Can Sharpen Your Mindfulness Skills

My hound dog heightens my sensory awareness and keeps me in the present moment.

Does Your Pet Determine Who You Will Marry?

A cartoon about how to use animals to find the good guys.

Saving Dogs From Criminal Justice Red Tape

Programs rescue dogs used as evidence in court by giving them new lives

Who Listens to You Best?

Why would we share our secret hopes and fears with an animal more than a friend?

Dogs Are People, Too: They Love Us and Miss Us fMRI's Say

Noninvasive neuroimaging of our best friend's brains shows similarities to ours

What do we know about dogs?

How dogs think and how humans think about them

Filtering Life Through Your Cat

A cartoon about a book about a man and his hat.