Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation

Willpower is invaluable—but giving in has its own rewards.

Temptation in The Aisles

What makes us want to buy?

Avoiding Alcoholic Temptation

Working memory training decreases alcohol use in problem drinkers.

The Sincerest Love - The Love for Food

The Food Network and other kinds of true love

How Desire Fools Us: The Benefits and Dangers of The Chase

Desire brings us joy. Learn to harness its benefits while avoiding its dangers.

Eat More Chocolate to Be a “Sweeter” Person

Chocoholics rejoice in surprising new discoveries!

Satisfied? Jealous? On Deciding Not to Be Monogamous

Still jealous even if you agree to not be monogamous?

A Tween Halloween

Quick tips to address common concerns.

Halloween treats teach children to overeat

Halloween is one of many times eating is made into a competition for kids.

The Tricks of Treats

Use the self-talk of "later" to help overcome "now" temptations.

Warning Signs of Dangerous Relationships

Why we ignore them on first, second and third dates

When to Say “No” or “Not Now”

Setting skillful boundaries is an act of self-protection and self-compassion.

Life—the Great Escape

Are you running from or to life?

Halloween Candy and the Winter Blues

Doesn't chocolate cheer everybody up...at least temporarily?

Is Porn Changing Women?

Is today's generation of women coming of age mimicking pornography?

8 Keys to Healthy Relationships

What does a healthy relationship look like? This.

Why Our Brains Love Sugar - And Why Our Bodies Don't

How sugar affects our brain chemistry making us want more and more

Two Unbelievable Things About Quitting Addictions

Drug addicts quit more readily than smokers/alcoholics; duration doesn't matter

Calling Halloween Switch Witch as the Sugar Show Begins

Can a sweet-tooth be tamed as we consume 31 five-pound bags of sugar per year?

Beyond the Rules: Faith, Freedom, and the Chance to Soar

Yes, religion does have its rules. But check out what's behind and beyond them.

The "Baloney Detection Kit" and 3 Reasons Why It's Critical

Impressive medical claims make the headlines but don't always make sense

The Adultery of Cooking: A Dialogue

We don't cook for love. We cook for appetite and not for our own appetite.

“Fat Letters” Are Cruel to Kids

Helping overweight children doesn’t require humiliating “fat letters”

The Republican Party's Kinky Sex Gap

Republicans fall farther behind in the era of "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Beyond the Rules: Faith, Freedom, and the Chance to Soar

Yes, religion does have its rules. But check out what's behind and beyond them.

Adolescence and Attitude toward Ignorance

To be ignorant, to be called ignorant, to display ignorance can feel not OK

How Texting Can Improve or Ruin Your Relationship Happiness

Can texting improve or ruin your relationship happiness?

So What If the Mayor of Toronto Smoked Crack?

People, including politicians, take drugs—then what?

Eight Keys to Life Hardiness and Resiliency

Helpful Reminders During Challenging Times