Highlights: October 6–12

Highlights: October 6–12

Check out some of the week's best posts, including: digging into the dog-people debate, the connection between politics and vegetables, and why people share great ideas on Twitter.

Future Thinking Leads to Better Decisions in the Present

Sian Beilock Ph.D.
Overweight people eat less when considering positive future events

The Four Basic Moves to Strengthen Focus

Dan Goleman Ph.D.
The less distracted we are, the more successful we can be at whatever we do.

Politics Has an Odor

John R. Alford Ph.D.
I love the smell of androstenone in the morning. It smells like...hierarchy.

15 Simple RuIes for a Remarkable Couple Relationship

Harriet Lerner Ph.D.
Coupling up is complicated. The rules for making it work are not.

How to Track Your Sleep

Shelby Harris Psy.D.
Keeping a sleep diary can help you pinpoint changes that can improve your sleep.

The Neuroanatomy of a Retweet

Matthew D. Lieberman Ph.D.
How your brain helps you share ideas successfully

Four Ways To Succeed At Work Whatever You Do

Peggy Drexler Ph.D.
Reach your full potential without apology or fear

Are Dogs People? Really?

Hal Herzog Ph.D.
Why MRI studies of the canine brain do not prove that "dogs are people."