Grade Your Parents

How do you rate your parents?

Daughters of Unloving Mothers: 7 Common Wounds

By Peg Streep
A lack of confidence and an inability to trust are just the beginning.

A Marriage Therapist's View Of Our Dysfunctional Government

By Susan Heitler Ph.D.
Must political parties, and Presidential candidates, always fight each other?

When Your Mother Has a Borderline Personality

By Susan Heitler Ph.D.
If your mother's love was, and still is, toxic, what are your options?

Do Your Parents Dream About Your Wedding Day? The Highbrow Media Dreams Small, Too

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D.
The rise of singles is the feature story still unwritten

Parent-blaming -- or when things go wrong, whose fault is it?

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W.
Parent blaming seems to be a national pastime these days.

What Makes a Good Mother anyway?

By Peg Streep
Why what you don't do matters more than what you do

What Farewells to Monteith Don't Say About Addiction Rehab

By Anne M. Fletcher M.S., R.D.
It’s time for consumers to question what goes on in addiction treatment

Do You Take Your Mother to the Gym with You?

By Donna Barstow
This workout is the perfect storm.

Why The Impact of Child Abuse Extends Well Into Adulthood

By Douglas LaBier Ph.D.
Research finds that child abuse harms mental and physical health in adulthood.

Children with Chronic Pain

By Deborah Barrett Ph.D., LCSW
How parents can help them to help themselves

The Bat of the Shadow: Batman's Role Models

By Travis Langley Ph.D.
Social learning and other perspectives on a superhero's role models

All in the Family: Caring for a Parent With Alzheimer's

By Jeanne Murray Walker Ph. D.
Siblings are experienced fighters.

So Your Mother Won't Stop Driving?

By Jeanne Murray Walker Ph. D.
Words to fear: “I don’t need your advice about when to give up my car!”

When You Don't Like (or Trust) Your Parent's New Mate

By Susan Newman Ph.D.
10 Helpful adjustments you can make.