Football Mania

Football Mania

Inside the minds of risk-taking players and die-hard fans.

Why Football Cannot Last

The sport is a public health problem.

Football and Teen Concussions

Chilling, must-read news.

What's Wrong with Fantasy Football?

Divided loyalties, stats mania, and true athletic excellence.

What Motivates Fantasy Football Players?

It's that time again. The fantasy football season starts tonight.

Lessons from Tebow and Elway

What quarterbacks can teach us about parenting, winning and American values.

Five Tips for Living with an Avid Sports Fan

Dating and relationship advice for the sports fan widow (or widower)

Boys to Men—What the Steubenville Trial Makes Clear

5 Ways to Teach Men (and Boys) Not to Rape

Why I Brainwashed My Son

Even the pros warn against allowing young boys to play football.

Can America Learn From NFL Star Adrian Peterson's tragedy?

The children always suffer the most from failed relationships.

Is Sport a Religion?

Is football mania a religion?.

Cool Revolution Part I

How to break the anger habit and be a whole lot happier.

The Eras of Addiction in the Super Bowl

Judging from Super Bowls, we're no better at handling addictions

Psychoanalysis Today

Therapy in Context: "Being in the World"

6 steps to a great life with a weekend tv sports warrior

Advice from a longterm, happily married "sports widow"

Super Bowl and Suicide

America's leading football families are marred by suicides

Football = Child Abuse

Disregard for societal constraints and college sports go hand and hand.

Daisy Coleman's Carrie Moment

Daisy Coleman was raped by a popular boy. Now is her Carrie moment.