School Daze

School Daze

Don't sweat September. Here are some insights on the next step of your (or your child's) academic journey, and the smartest—and most surprising—means to success.

How to Think Like a Scientist

Learn these techniques to make a scientific discovery

How to Survive Your Tween's Transition to Middle School

10 top tips to ensure middle school goes smoothly for you & your tween

Back-to-school: Parenting strategies to avoid burn out

Parents and students need to pace their energy to last for the long school year.

What Happy Children and Teens Do Differently

The opposite of fear is curiosity

Over-Parenting Can Make Kids Helpless

‘Good’ versus ‘good-enough’ parenting

10 Tips to Head Off ADHD

Making Small Changes that work like Magic

Preparing Teens for College

An Alternative Approach

Where's the Best Education, the Smartest Kids?

U.S. parents and educators can learn from some surprising countries.

Getting to the Goal Line

Ten tips for staying on track

Born to Be Friends

The childhood roots of friendship in and out of school.

When Parents Call Their Adolescent "Lazy"

No good comes from parents calling their adolescent "lazy"

You're Here to Fulfill My Dreams

A cautionary note lest parents' dreams undermine their talented kids' lives.

One Mom's Trash Is Her Son's Treasure

The big pre-college clean-up uncovered some surprising emotions.

Packing up and saying Hello -- Coping with transition

Transitions can be surprisingly hard – here are suggestions for coping.

Sex Ed: Schools don’t teach it, so where do kids learn it?

How are teens answering their questions about sex?

Worst Mistakes Parents Make When Talking to Kids

Words can change your kid's brain. Learn to use the right ones.

Depression Can Be Contagious For College Roommates

Negative thinking styles can be contagious among close friends

Motivating Your Child

Some tips for success

Getting Your Child’s Sleep Back On Track In Time For School

Seven things you can do to improve your child’s sleep before school starts

Help Children Crack the Reading Code (Part 1 of 2)

Here's how to teach any child to sound out words.

Girls, Technology, and the Classroom

Girls face greater challenges balancing digital learning with social networking.

Twas the Night Before Courses

I have 5 fantasies about students, me, and the new school year.

Sleeping Around The Clock

Another way of getting your teen’s sleep back on track for school

Sleep Health for the New School Year

Some Ideas for ensuring adequate sleep when children go back to school

The Back Pain of Back to School

The child abuse of a locker-less school system.

Healthy Habits that Boost School Performance

Do better in school by adopting six healthy habits.

A New Theory of Elite Performance

As the kids head back to school, I'm thinking about what really leads to success

Introversion and the Teen Years

"Preference-for-solitude" is harder on young teens than on older kids.

Family-School Partnerships for the 21st Century

Grassroots learning contributes to school success

Letting Go For College: A Guide for Parents and Students

Helping students enjoy their independence while maintaining parental bonds

Five Back-to-School Tips for Teens

Helping teens prepare for a successful school year.

Maybe You Only Need to Be Good at One Thing

I have a problem with GPA and other overall evaluations