The Obsessive Hoarder

The Obsessive Hoarder

Fight the clutter! Read on for signs of hoarding behavior, ways to tame your inner clutterbug, what you can do to help someone with too much junk, and more.

The Psychology of Collecting

The neuroscience, biology, psychiatry and poetry—of collecting

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Clear the Decks For a Fresh Start

How I won my war with clutter and how you can win yours

Hoard Much?

Do you have OCD or are you just sentimental?

Outside of the Wall

The life of children of hoarders--Guest Blog by Rae Smith

Who’s Really Nuts, 20/20 or the ‘Crazy Cat Ladies’?

You don’t have to be single to have lots of cats.

Hoarding, Collecting, Accumulating: DSM-5 and American Life

How a new disorder developed from “a line carved in sand”

Five Ways to Help a Hoarder

Five things you need to do to now