The End of Gender

The End of Gender

The differences between men and women are nuanced, complex, and sometimes insignificant.Image from Shutterstock.

Where a Gender Spectrum May Be Taking Us

Young people are refusing to be put in two gender boxes. What's next?

Why Mixed-Sex Sports Never Took Off

Does sex undercut competition?

The 7 Worst Things About Being a Male

The psychological burdens of carrying around a Y chromosome

The Stressed Sex

Are rates of psychological disorder different for men and women?

Do Women Really Civilize Men?

Responding to NYT reader comments on "Why Men Need Women"

Bookshelf: Men Are Not the Enemy

First aid for the male reputation.

Finding Fathers

Why is the prospect of becoming a good father so intimidating?

How Gender Differences Make Decision-Making Difficulties

Is it bias, negative stereotyping or reality to observe these gender differences

Women’s Intuition: Myth or Reality?

Do women have some special ability?

Are Women Really More Compassionate?

Some people argue that women are kinder, but what does the data really show?

Is Sexual Stereotyping Affecting Your Relationship?

We like to think we've moved past gender bias. That may be wishful thinking.

Misconceptions about a Woman's Sexuality

Debunking the myths about what women want and don't want

End of Men: The "Feminization" of Psychotherapy

Are we witnessing the extinction of male psychotherapists?

A Man's Drive for Muscularity and His Views about Women

The surprising ways that a man's body image reflects his attitudes toward women

Communication and Emotional Expression (Part 1): The Female Factor

Communication differences: Navigating the female world

The Triggers of Sexual Desire: Men vs. Women

Part 1—Are Male Brains Hard-Wired to See Females as Sex Objects?

Gender 101

Students come back to school more and less gendered all the time