Revenge of the Introvert

Revenge of the Introvert

How to thrive in an extraverted world—and other insights on the lives of introverts.

Are Extroverts Happier than Introverts?

Insight into differences between two personality types

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None of us likes to be misunderstood.

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How the pain of loneliness can lead to powerful connection with self and other

The Introvert in the Workplace: How to Maximize Your Productivity

Personality and productivity in the workplace.

The Inadvertent Introvert

People with serious hearing loss really can’t be anything but.

Barack Obama: The Bedrock Confidence of Mr. Inside-Mr. Outside

Barack Obama defies self-esteem sociology with his resilience

Introverts Are Not Failed Extroverts

Upending the stereotypes about introverts.

You Say "Friendly," I Say "Annoying"

A few surefire ways to annoy an introvert

Why Can’t Introverts Be Leaders?

Are extraverts really better leaders? Can an introvert be a good leader?

Introverts Need Not Apply

Hiring only one personality type contributes to dysfunction at work.

Quiet Is Not a Four-Letter Word

"It's OK to be sensitive, and yes, quiet..."


Why he's the way he is

Introverts, Extroverts, and Habit Change

Habit change advice from Planet Introvert

A Ripe Time for Introverted Creatives

Introverted creatives have a great opportunity to distribute their "medicine."

5 Tips for Reducing Public Speaking Nervousness

How to reduce the fear of public speaking

God, Lincoln, and Depression

How Abraham Lincoln could be both depressed and unassailably strong

Storytelling for Introverts, Part 1

Transfix your audiences with the gems inside and around you.

Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy : What's Your Psychological Type?

Why knowing your (and your partner's) psychological type is important.

Do You Need a Makeover, or a Makeout?

Set your goals before the next party you attend.

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They all shared the same constellation of leadership qualities.

Storytelling for Introverts, Part 2

Tell your story like a radio great.

The Introvert's Guide to Surviving Teamwork

The mindset, skillsets, and deliberate practice you'll need to make your mark